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Have you recently had a sleep test and you're feeling a bit confused, and feel like you are not being supported and are involved in a business model you feel is going to RIP YOU OFF.

You SNORE , WAKE UP BREATHLESS, ARE FATIGUED ALL DAY and your family doctor has referred you for a full polysomnograph sleep test at a CERTIFIED SLEEP CLINIC That's not involved in the sale of CPAP machines ...OR... You have opted for a HOME sleep screening with a franchaised/contracted CPAP distributor, chemist outlet or a Respiratory Sleep Physician who is referring you to a preferred CPAP supplier and innapropriately profiting from the sale of CPAP equipment , that's what's called a "pecuniary conflict of interest " and it is rampant in the CPAP supply market , So!!!  CPAP therapy has been recommended, and now you're shocked by the prices and consulting fees these business models are wanting you to pay when considering your options of purchasing after trial renting a CPAP machine, your feeling  you need some independant advice and would like to compare pricing, service support and follow up.

Do yourself a favour and give us a call 0248219443  before you commit to buy a CPAP. 

Unlike other CPAP Suppliers SleepZone offers a free CPAP and CPAP mask trial which would save you up to $400.00  NO NEED TO RENT.

OUR GUARANTEE : Offers made by SleepZone CPAP Products are genuine and unconditional and contain no loss leader product pricing, and are for products and prices that are advertised and are in stock at the time of your ordering.

If you are an Australian Pensioner needing financial assistance and advice in the purchase of CPAP equipment , we can assist , please give us a call re N.I.L s No Interest Loan scheme.

Or you're considering buying a new replacement CPAP machine or CPAP mask .. and you're a little confused about the type of CPAP machine and CPAP mask you should buy.

Or you may wish to know if a prescription is required for you to purchase a CPAP machine or CPAP accessory in Australia?.  Answer : A prescription/referral is not required.

Or you want to know what type of CPAP machine and CPAP mask would be best for you.

Or your confused and want to know the requirements for maintaining your PRIVATE or HEAVY VEHICLE DRIVERS LICENCE if you use a CPAP.

Or you do a lot of travelling, touring and camping and want to know your best options and choices for portable and battery operated CPAP's.

Or you simply want to talk to some one about issues that concern you that you feel are not being addressed by your current prospective CPAP supplier.

 For these or any other queries you may have, give Don and Carmen at SleepZone a call on 02 48219443 or mobile 0418117598 or email or talk to us face to face on Skype and get the right advice at the best price. PLEASE GIVE US A CALL

Fischer Agencies trading as SleepZone CPAP Products,( est. 1994 ), operates as an independent respiratory product supplier and has been doing so for over 20years . , We are accredited distributors for the DeVilbiss Healthcare range of respiratory products , Oxygen Concentrators and accessories , including the DeVilbiss IGo Portable Oxygen Concentrator system.


SleepZone are appointed and accredited distributors for Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare ,Fisher & Paykel Healthcare and BMC Medical CPAP and masking products .Our service base is located in Goulburn, South Eastern NSW, which places our business in the ideal location for our unique service. We offer a personalised consultation service for Canberra and the ACT, Southern Tablelands, Southern Highlands, Southern Sydney, Illawarra & Shoalhaven and NSW South Coast. For first time CPAP users in these areas we offer a no obligation, no deposit, Free trial of a new CPAP machine of your choice.




Please Sleep Tight

Don and Carmen Fischer


Don and Carmen Fischer

Special Offer BMC Series 3 Auto CPAP Package (latest model)
5 year warranty



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