Bloody good man. Help me out after hour so I could travel out to work.
- James Smith 2022

 Very good service over past 10 years.
- Howard Bye 2021

I was told about this bloke when my Philips Oxygen Generator failed when staying in Goulburn for a few days.Don could not fix it (as Philips refuse to supply parts to anyone) but lent me an oxygen generator for the time I stayed in Goulburn. I have never met a more helpful or generous person in 50 years of traveling Australia. Don refused to take any payment for the use of the generator and it was with difficulty that I forced a bottle of Scotland's finest exlixor upon him.
- Bill Moline Townsville 2020

I first bought a full CPAP kit, with machine, heated hose, mask and carry-case, from Don Fischer around three or four years ago. (This was on the recommendation of my partner, who had previously done *exactly* the same, and was very happy with the product, the price and the service.) Don fitted the new mask for me at no extra charge. All has worked perfectly since. So when I decided to replace my older 'travel mask' in late 2018 (because the straps had worn; plus I wanted a full-face mask instead) I ordered online from Don, as his price (including postage) was less than the local chemist who specialises in sleep apnoea equipment. Lo and behold, I received a phone call from Don a day later, asking how I was going and what did I really need. He advised that his price had dropped, so he refunded me the difference AND included a spare mask insert. I couldn't have been happier! I am now considering buying a spare 'travel' CPAP machine soon, and his is the phone number I will call.
(I seriously doubt I will need to do anything more.)
I cannot rate Don, his service, his support, and his recommended products highly enough. He provides truly old-fashioned (ie REAL) service at a very reasonable price. You *may* be able to find lower prices elsewhere, but quite frankly I simply wouldn't waste my time!
He is also very happy to chat about any related issues, which is SUCH a pleasant change from those who just want to get your money and get you off the phone or the premises ASAP. I can only hope he remains available for some considerable time to come!
- Rahb1 2020


Called Don on a sunday in relation to a machine i was unable to work. He was more than happy to help and didnt even charge us. Very grateful for his service.
- Larissa Giddens 2019