BMC SERIES G3 Auto CPAP Ventilator

BMC SERIES G3 Auto CPAP Ventilator

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A new generation Auto/CPAP machines with advanced smart - auto features and functions, superior quality and a cost effective option for treating sleep apnea.

Special features:

  • Smart pressure adjustment
    Optimise and adjusts CMH20 pressure delivery using data over the previous 5 nights

  • Automatic humidifier and heated tube function
    Automatic humidification detection and adjustment to minimise tube and mask condensation

  • Breath activated on/off feature 

  • Ultra Quiet Operation

  • Multiple methods of sleep Data Access SD Card software , Web based platform and QR Code Access which can be added via "PAP Link on Google Play or your App Store

  • Oximetry SPO2 feature ...... BMC Oximetry kit ( an optional extra) simply plugs into all G3 CPAP's to measure Oxygen SPO2 throughout sleep.

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